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Organic Potting Soil - FREE SHIPPING

Organic Potting Soil - FREE SHIPPING

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Organic potting soil for indoor or outdoor use. This all purpose soil is perfect for all your potted plant needs.

Contains: organic worm castings, coco coir, pumice, kelp, bat guano, trace minerals

The pictured plant (12-inch diameter, 3-inch depth bowl) was potted in 64 oz of the mix.

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Organic Worm Castings

Triple Washed (Buffered) Coco Coir



Bat Guano

Trace Minerals

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Ready for pots!

Got a new plant from the nursery? Just pour in some of our mix, add the plant, then top it off with some more mix! Voila, you're done!

  • Hand Tended for Quality

    We take care to test and balance our products for a netraul pH, efficient aeration and drainage, and healthy moisture retention.

    Our mix is 33% hand crafted worm castings harvested fresh with each batch of organic potting mix.

  • Peat Moss and Perlite Free

    We use more sustainable alternatives than these common market ingredients. Instead of perlite we use pumice and instead of peat moss we use triple washed (buffered) coco coir.

    One of the common issues with coco coir is sodium, however the triple washed buffered process elimates the sodium issue.

    We ran tests with our own buffering process as well as third party sources, and we chose the highest quality, lowest sodium supplier.