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Pumice - Carbon Filtered Water Washed - FREE SHIPPING

Pumice - Carbon Filtered Water Washed - FREE SHIPPING

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Pumice is commonly used for aeration and water retention in soil mixes. This is a great alternative to perlite and you can sift out and re-use your pumice if you are changing your soil. Once in a raised bed, always in a raised bed! 

Another reason we like pumice is that, unlike perlite, pumice doesn't tend to gather on the top of your soil mixes and is easier to evenly distribute throughout your soil mix. 

We thoroughly rinse pumice with carbon filtered water to remove dust and debris.

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The difference is clear

Most common pumice comes unwashed. Dirty!

This carbon filtered washed pumice is ready for aquaponics, hyrdoponics, or gardening use!

See the video here.

  • What is pumice used for?

    Pumice is often used on its own or in a mix for aeration and drainage. We use this pumice in our organic potting mix. It promotes the flow of oxygen which helps the propagation of beneficial bacteria.

    Pumice is also used as a base in aquaponics systems.

  • Pumice is reusable!

    Unlike perlite (a common aerating and draining agent in potting mixes) pumice does not readily break down, and can be reused over and over!