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Worm Castings - FREE SHIPPING

Worm Castings - FREE SHIPPING

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Organic worm castings (or vermicompost) rich in microbes! We harvest our castings when you order so they are as fresh as possible.

Our worms are fed clean organic food waste and are set in leaf mold compost, unlike most worm-casting producers that use peat moss as a medium for bedding. Biology is quality and leaf mold compost is some of the most bioactive composts nature has to offer. 

These are good for indoor or outdoor use to renew the bio life in your soil. We recommend adding about 1/4 cup per plant.

Contains: Worm manure, alfalfa meal, biochar, kelp, trace minerals
*may contain worm cocoons

Contact us for lab results!


Worm castings, alfalfa meal, biochar, kelp, trace minerals

Care Instructions

Store anywhere! Avoid extreme heat. Should keep for roughly up to 1 year.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Great product . Free shipping.


Fast shipping, nice quality and seems nice and fresh

texas mma

I used these castings in my compost tea this week and it turned out awesome!

Patrick Heany

Wasn’t sure how much castings I needed for my garden and they were super helpful when I reached out

Putting the LAB in Austin Worm Lab

We've iterated on our processes, worm diet, and additives while running multiple rounds of testing to bring you this product. We aim to create the best product on the market. Our castings are rich in microbes and fungal dominated. Contact us at for the full read on our latest batch of results.