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Quick Start Worm Composting System - FREE SHIPPING

Quick Start Worm Composting System - FREE SHIPPING

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Everything you need to get started with your own composting system! If kept outdoors we recommend placing under heavy shade and top cover with leaves or a blanket to create a layer of insulation to protect them from the heat.

We cultivate all of our worm castings in this system, primarily for its simplicity, and with the addition of the drip tray all you have to do when applying moisture is fill up a quarter to half of the pan with water, and absorption of the material will take over. 

Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Pots are specialized containers designed for breathability and moisture retention with their signature "Moisture Lock" design with a polypropylene woven liner that allows oxygen flow without the corners drying as regular fabric pots do. Say goodbye to anaerobic worm bins. 

The term "living soil" refers to a soil ecosystem that promotes biodiversity and microbial activity, mimicking natural soil conditions. Contains a diverse array of aerobic beneficial microorganisms, fungi, and organic matter that contribute to plant and soil health.

One of the many reasons we love the Living Soil Fabric pot is the option of using this container as a planting pot in case you ever decide that vermicomposting isn't for you, you'll always have the option of repurposing it as a system to grow incredible herbs, veggies, ornamentals or houseplants in. We wanted to offer something that doesn't just become a dust collector long after usage. 



  • 1 Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Pot, 7 Gallon (14 in. x 10 in.)
  • 1 Green Saucer Drip Tray (14 inch)
  • 250-count (0.25lb) compost worms
  • Bedding: Austin Worm Lab Starter Bedding (Coco Coir, Texas Leafmold Compost Mixture with the addition of Alfalfa meal and kelp meal mixed into a mixture for a Biological boost of bennies) Aka beneficial bacteria

Quick Start Instructions: (~5 mins)

  1. Unpack everything! Unfold the fabric pot and place it on the drip tray; place the coco brick in the pot as well.
  2. Expand coco brick with water! Pour water into the pot & tray no higher than the drip tray line and wait for it to soak up (about 2 minutes). Loosen it up with your hands and repeat until totally expanded. 
  3. Place the worms on top
  4. You're done! Now feed and water your bin regularly! 

    Video instructions and a feeding guide coming soon!


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