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Charged Biochar - FREE SHIPPING

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Our biochar is brewed with microbes & nutrients to provide an extra boost. Raw carbon char + nutrients and microbes = super charged Bio Char!

When properly applied, charged biochar can improve soil health, nutrient retention, and plant growth. Below are the recommended steps for applying charged biochar effectively.

Ingredients: Biochar brewed with fish hydrolysate, worm castings and other organic amendments. 

Directions: Use it as 5-20% of your soil mixture or top apply 1/4 cup-1 cup per plant pot.

Garden Application: Top dress at base of each plant roughly-1/4" thick layer x 3"-5" diameter around each plant. 

After incorporating charged biochar into the soil, water the area thoroughly to help activate the nutrients and microbes within the biochar and promote their assimilation into the soil.

The stability of biochars also means that a single application remains effective for many (possibly hundreds/thousands) of years.

  • Increase water retention
  • Decrease nutrient leaching
  • Increase biology
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🔥🪵 Biochar is the product of heating organic matter, such as wood or crop residues, in a low-oxygen environment.


    When properly charged, biochar can provide numerous benefits to your garden, including:

    1. Improved Soil Structure: It enhances soil aeration and water-holding capacity, reducing compaction and promoting healthier root systems.
    2. Nutrient Retention: Biochar can hold onto essential nutrients, preventing them from leaching away, making them available for plants over time.
    3. Microbial Habitat: It provides a habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms, helping maintain a balanced and diverse soil ecosystem.

    You can incorporate biochar into your garden in several ways:

    • Mix it into the soil: Blend charged biochar into your garden soil or potting mix to improve soil structure and nutrient-holding capacity.
    • Top Dressing: Apply charged biochar on the soil surface, which slowly releases nutrients to the root zone.
    • Amend Planting Holes: When transplanting or planting new trees or shrubs, amend the planting hole with charged biochar to provide a nutrient-rich environment for the roots.