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Austin Worm Food - FREE SHIPPING

Austin Worm Food - FREE SHIPPING

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Austin Worm food is a blend of organic ingredients meticulously crafted to create the finest worm food for optimal worm castings and worm health. This nutrient-rich mixture combines Organic Wheat bran meal, Organic Corn Meal, Flax seed meal, Alfalfa meal, and Kelp meal, each selected for their exceptional nutritional value and compatibility with worm digestion.

Organic Wheat bran meal provides a hearty base, rich in carbohydrates and fiber, offering essential energy for earthworms as they work tirelessly to transform organic matter into nutrient-packed castings. Organic Corn Meal is not only a great option for grit for the worm's digestive tract but also contributes additional carbohydrates and proteins.

Flax seed meal introduces omega-3 fatty acids and protein, nurturing the health and vitality of earthworms while supporting the development of high-quality castings. Alfalfa meal adds a boost of nitrogen, essential for plant growth and vitality, ensuring that the resulting vermicompost is teeming with nutrients vital for soil health.

To complete this in-house blend, Kelp meal brings a wealth of trace minerals, vitamins, and plant growth hormones, enriching the vermicompost with essential micronutrients that promote plant resilience and vigor.

Together, these organic ingredients create an ideal environment for earthworms, fostering optimal digestion and casting production. The resulting vermicompost is a nutrient-dense soil amendment coveted by gardeners for its ability to improve soil structure, enhance nutrient availability, and promote vibrant plant growth. With this carefully crafted worm food blend, you can unlock the full potential of your vermicomposting system, producing castings of the highest quality to nurture your garden and cultivate thriving, healthy plants.

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